Catapult Nightmare: How Timmy’s Dad wakes up in “Dad’s Dream”

British Stuffiness: Well, they’re from Fairy World, but regardless, Oberon and Titania have the accent and attitude to match. Buffy Speak: Timmy’s first wish in “Fairly Disastrous” comes from Wanda’s suggestion of a “playing card suit restoration gizmo thingy”. Canon Foreigner: Oberon, Titania, the chamberlain and his shadow. Captain Obvious: Calling your godparents in the yugonium section of “Vicky Strikes Back” will lead to an incredulous Wanda saying, “Space is big. Really big.” When you approach a particularly long Crimson Wing section in “Take It on the Chin”, Cosmo will warn, “Remember, kids: don’t fall off of tall buildings; it hurts.” The hints your godparents will give can come across is this to older players or those who have played the game before. Cardboard Prison: In “The Great Esc ape”, all Timmy has to do to get out of prison is push a box and jump out. Seriously. Catapult Nightmare: How Timmy’s Dad wakes up in “Dad’s Dream”. Color Coded for Your Convenience: Instead of all the stars being yellow as in Breakin’ Da Rules, there are now purple and green stars. These colorings dictate the order in which sets of stars are collected. Yellow stars are first, then purple, then green. Occasionally, you can collect green stars before purple ones, but they still show up in the third set in the game’s HUD. This also applies to the Dairy Fairy cows in “Fairly Disastrous”. Each cow has stars of a certain color that corresponds to a shed of the same color. The Knights in “Get a Clue” have a color motif that corresponds to the base that they need to be scared back to in order to release the green wish stars. Comically Missing the Point: In the opening cutscene of “The Great Esc ape”, Cosmo seems more worried about getting banana bread than rescuing Timmy’s mom and getting the flour back. Continue Your Mission, Dammit!: If you idle for long enough, either Cosmo or Wanda will tell you to get a move on. Curse Cut Short: Not exactly a curse, but once you land the last hit on H2Olga in “Take It on the Chin”, Timmy will triumphantly declare that “justice prevails!” Cosmo then responds by asking, “Uh, don’t you mean poop?”, but the next cutscene always starts before he can say “poop”. Damsel in Distress: Timmy’s mom in “The Replica Designer Handbags Great Esc ape”. Deadpan Snarker: The Door That Never Opens in “Get a Clue”. Death Glare: Wanda gives one to Cosmo in the opening cutscene from “The Great Esc ape” when, after learning an evil ape king has kidnapped Timmy’s mom, he asks how they’re “gonna get [their] banana bread now”. Department of Redundancy Department: The entry for the Blob sticker. Double Jump: Lampshaded in the tutorial level. Oberon: For bigger leaps, jump in the air. That’s right, ignore the laws of physics and jump twice.

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