It also means that he ends up in precarious positions when

And said clock is tied to your system time. While you might be able to figure it out on multiple viewings of the puzzles, it is the only puzzle in the game with a meta solution, whereas every other puzzle derives from internal mechanics. Building off of this, getting any of the multiple endings aside from the obvious one is going to be a serious test of your patience and ability to Pixel Hunt. It also means that he ends up in precarious positions when compelled to walk to fetch the crystals, though slowly he learns to control it. Brain Bleach: Roger gets a full view of Graballa the Hutt’s rear end and immediately expresses desire for a memory wipe. Break the Cutie: Rowan is close to tears as he recounts how Naare told him he was going to be a Jedi and she was only using him and inflating his self esteem.

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